Internet Services for Office Buildings

Small and medium size businesses are faced with a dilemma today regarding the cost of efficient access to Internet services. Oddly enough the very same public service corporations that stand to make the most from small business's desires to get connected to the Internet, Mother Bell, perpetuate this situation.

Businesses want   Internet access that is fast and cost effective. One might think that a 56K modem connection is the quickest solution to this problem, however that solution doesn't work well in all cases.

For the average home user, in the Internet audience, a 56K connection to a local Internet service provider is generally a cost effective way to gain access to the World Wide Web and the many other Internet services. Local unlimited dialing is what makes this method cost effective. For the more serious home user a cable modem, ISDN, or DSL service would be the Cadillac of the model selection.

For the business client this simply is NOT an alternative. Telephone company tariffs for business use of telephone service do not include unlimited local dialing. Every time a business connects to the Internet using a telephone line they are charged message units proportional to the length of the call. This situation is exacerbated if the business requires Internet services that are not in their local dialing area. Lets examine a few case studies:

Solution A

Solution B Solution C Solution D Solution E

The 5 case studies outlined above clearly demonstrate the need for alternatives to better serve these businesses. Of course if you own stock in the Telephone Company and have no financial interest in any of these businesses you might be prone to wish to leave well enough alone.

We at Online Communities Inc. Have a different view of this. We view these above case studies as opportunities for our corporation to provide a service to the business community as a whole, while simultaneously providing a unique business opportunity for our investors.

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