What is North Jersey Lake Communities Network?

    North Jersey Lakes Communities Network is an Internet Hosted group of Portals designed to support a regional model of a virtual community on the World Wide Web. It consists of a series of Home Page entry Portals that facilitate easy access to local and regional information for the Northern New Jersey Area. Each Portal (Home Page) is designed to be extremely user friendly and facilitates user access to local and regional information without having to search the globe for information in the user's own area. This model of portal is based on our concept that the average user may have difficulty finding information that is local and relevant to their own area. The difficulty in finding regional information is inherent in the design of the large Internet portals in existence today such as Lycos, Infoseek, WebCrawler and others. While these world wide portals are vital to global search of the World Wide Web we find that local and regional information becomes lost in the volume of information that these portals provide. Based on this need we have begun the process of creating a network of Regional Portals. These portals include search capabilities and information that is more of a local and regional level to make it easier for the user to locate information and services that are in their own area of the globe.

The Model Portal


Our network of portals include the following elements which provide user friendly interface to regional and local and global information.

Domain based Home pages based on various North Jersey Communities. These include the following areas at present, with more to be added as we grow. www.pineclifflake.net, www.faysonlakes.com, www.smokerise.net, www.pequannock.net, www.pompton.net, www.greenpondnj.net, www.lakehopatcong.net.

Each home page includes a menu bar located at the top of the page with the following three easy choices for the user. Global Info, Regional Info, and Communities. This element of our model give the user an up front choice of where they want to search for information.

Global Links - will take them to a page of popular links such as online.com, ebay.com, amazon.com, library of congress, etc. Access to all major search portals will also be made available here.

Regional Links - will take them to a page which will have several advertising links, banners, an A to Z yellow pages type of index and a regional search engine that will only search based on the Northern New Jersey Region. Here is where you will find a car dealer, National Franchised Businesses, County based services etc.

Communities - will bring the user to a page showing links to neighborhood portal systems. Search capabilities, advertisement and banners here will be limited to a local community based level. Here is where you will find a plumber, electrician, landscaper, babysitter etc. Also on these community portal pages is where you will find other community based information. (see below for more details on this.)

Down the left side of each local portal page will be a shared border several navigation buttons that will include the following services and offerings.

HOME - This will give the user an easy way to return to the opening portal page (home page) for that particular portal. This navigation tool appears on most pages throughout the community based portal sites.

LOCAL - This section will include information and links to local community information such as schools, churches, government and various special interest groups and non-profit organizations. This will be provided as a free service to the community. Funding for this service will come from banner advertising from local advertisers in the community.

Personal Ads - Local advertisement for classified ads will be provided to the community at no charge. For a small fee any ad may be placed at the regional level for greater exposure. The regional Ads will be available to view from any of the community based portals.

Lake Community Info - The lake community info and news will be available in this special section. It may be password protected for Lake Organization members only.

Internet Access - Information for users wishing to gain local Internet access may be found here. This is available but not necessary for community members to use our system. NJLC NET can offer statewide local Internet access through our ISP partner Net Rom. Currently NJLC has access points supporting pineclifflake, fayson lakes, smokerise.net and the Kinnelon and Pompton Lakes areas. Even though our regional portals are designed to supply local information they are full internet portals and through them users can access the entire Internet. Advertisers on these systems have the advantage of being prominent for the local user as well as accessibility of their offerings by all internet users from the global community.

Advertising Plan

To launch North Jersey Lakes Communities Network we will be undertaking a comprehensive advertising campaign. Our plans include the following Ideas and Concepts

Co-Advertisement Policy with all of our clients. Merchants who advertise with us will be required to post a sign in a prominent place in their place of business that states, "…Look for us on http://www.njlakes.net/businessname …"

local radio station advertising to get the word out of our presence as a premier Internet service provider and as a Regional Portal Information Source. (RPIS)

Co-Advertising with local Northern NJ radio stations by putting together a package that we can co-sell with them for their advertisers which will include commercials on their radio network that tie in their advertisers with web based advertising on our Network.

Newspaper advertising that will also support our program of co-advertising. For example a sponsor will have the URL of their website included in their ad in the newspaper.

Rotating Banner advertising on our local and regional websites that will support our co-advertising partners.

Multiple wave entry level pricing for advertisers on our system. First time advertisers will receive heavily discounted rates for the first year of our system launch. First come first serve availability.

Franchise level advertising with a 25/75 split for local franchise owners of local portal systems and a 75/25 split for regional advertising.

Cross community banner advertising opportunities for merchants to reach out across multiple community portals.

Free access for charitable and community organizations with banner advertising for merchant exposure.

Sponsorship of community based services for Advertisers.

Billboard advertising on major roadways to launch our system

Co-Advertising packages with billboard advertisement providers.

Franchise Opportunities

    Internet Entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of this new and exciting area of growth opportunity have a unique investment offering provided by North Jersey Lakes Communities Network to review.

    With a minimal amount of capitol outlay persons wishing to take advantage of opportunities for business within the Internet community can participate in our Franchise offering of Local Internet Portal Systems(LIPS). Little or no technical expertise is required. A strong ambition to get out and sell is the main requirement. This can be done full or part time, depending on your availability of time.

    All of the technical support and framework for your own LIPS is ready to go within our NJLC network operations control center. We provide the following services and support for you:

Technical support
All associated required Hardware
Domain Name registration for your LIPS
Basic Portal site setup
Web based e-mail for your subscribers
Family Web page templates
Local Internet access for your area
Web production services
User website updating services tools
Internet connection Hardware
Web hosting space
Sales tools and support packages
Co-Advertising financial assistance
Graphics Production and artwork
Training and support seminars
Complete portal and support services
Activity reporting for your hosted sites
Business Based non-domain advertising package
Virtual e-mail for your clients
Business website user programmable interface
Search engine localized to your virtual community
Participating membership in the Regional Mall

Franchise Fees

The following is a preliminary model for Franchising fees paid to North Jersey Lakes Communities Network

Initial Registration Contract fee: 5000.00

This includes hosted portal system creation framework ready to sell advertising on. It includes the above mentioned items and will be a ready to use Local Internet Portal System. This fee includes technical support for one year.

Annual Support renewal fee: 1000.00

This includes technical support for hosting, maintaining the hosted LIPS for one year. This does not include creations, additions, or production of new features or web pages for your portal.

Internet and Web Production menu fees:

Web Based Production Item Production Costs
Basic web production 75.00
ASP / CGI Programming 100.00
One time setup for Virtual web 150.00
Hosting fees for basic virtual web with 2 email accounts. 50.00
Additional e-mail accounts per month 7.00
ASP/CGI script one time setup (per script) 45.00
Interactive web site (ASP/CGI) 50.00
PPP dialup account 20.00
Non-domain A to Z advertising First wave annual fee (remaining 1999) 200.00
Non-domain A to Z advertising Second wave annual fee (2000-2001) 600.00
Non-domain A to Z advertising Final wave annual fee.(2001 & beyond) 800.00